About Us

Hello, World! We are Jenia and Michael, a Russian-American couple, traveling the world together for over 15 years.  For a long time we used to post pictures and stories about our adventures on Facebook, and many friends kept asking us if we ever plan to start a blog.

Well, we finally decided that it’s time! So, what will you find on this blog? All kinds of things we’ve done and adventures we’ve had along the way, from driving by car through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize and exploring Peru by bus to our sailing adventures (especially our 3-month trip to the Bahamas) and USA cross-country journeys with our RV.

One thing I can say: everything  we write about is our own personal experience, the food and drinks that we’ve personally tried, the mistakes that we’ve made. It’s genuine!

I hope that this blog can help you in your planning, and our tips can help you have a better travel experience! Maybe you can take these stories as a base and build your own trips around them and add you own special memories!